Hunter Fan Company Enters the Industrial Fan Market

MEMPHIS, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–After over 100 years in the ceiling fan industry, Hunter Fan Company is

expanding into the industrial and commercial market launching a new

division of their business, Hunter Industrial. The debut product from

Hunter is the TITAN Industrial Fan, a high volume low speed fan, which

debuted this January at the 2016 AHR TradeShow in Orlando, FL. The TITAN

fan comes in 5 different sizes varying from a 14 foot blade span to a 24

foot blade span. With a diameter of 288 inches, the TITAN 24 is the

largest operating fan ever to have been displayed at the AHR Expo.

Hunter created the TITAN fan with a commitment to delivering the most

efficient total cost of ownership. The TITAN Industrial Fan offers a

competitive edge when it comes to efficiency (CFM/watt), installation

cost, weight, and maintenance. Using less horsepower, the TITAN

efficiently delivers equal or better output than the competition.

Hunter’s proprietary installation methodology allows for quick and

harnessed electrical connections, resulting in a faster and less

expensive installation process.

“Here at Hunter, we are experts at ceiling fans. We invented the first

ceiling fans in the late 1800’s and are now bringing a superior product

to the industrial market,” said CEO of Hunter John Alexander. “Our

strong expertise and track record for innovation should allow our brand

to perform well in the industrial and commercial segments.”

The TITAN’s Direct Drive ECM (electronically-commuted motor) allows for

a more efficient, lightweight product. Because it’s 50% lighter than the

competitor products, it can be lifted by just one installer with no

additional lift equipment required. The lubricated bearings are

“lubricated for life,” meaning the fan requires less maintenance and has

a longer life. It’s touch screen user interface allows users to

integrate to the their Building Management System (BMS) through

industry-standard protocols. The TITAN’s innovative design also features

fewer fan blades, generating airflow with better aerodynamics.

“Our direct drive industrial fans were designed with the Hunter legacy

in mind,” said Jeff Bredeson, General Manager of Hunter Industrial. “The

TITAN will outperform all others and may outlast the buildings they are

installed in.”

The TITAN Industrial Fan will be available for purchase at the AHR Expo

with first deliveries occurring in April 2016.

To learn more about the Hunter TITAN Industrial Fan visit:

About Hunter Industrial

The Hunter legacy is not only about quality – it’s about longevity. We

invented the ceiling fan. We build fans that last, fans that are

designed as fans (not fans based on repurposed concepts like other big

fans on the market). We design our fans with every person in the process

in mind – from the installer to the owner. We hear from our customers

how our fans are outlasting the homes they were installed in decades

ago, and Hunter Industrial will be no different. After all, we have the

legacy of our name to live up to.